Who We Are


Make Home Your Own

Maru-Arch is a residential architecture firm proudly serving Fort Wayne, and all surrounding areas in Northeast Indiana from our Huntington office.  Maru-Arch was founded on the core principle of making high quality architecture as accessible, and available as possible.  We all are surrounded by architecture for the majority of every day.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, architecture constantly has an effect on our behavior, mood, and sensibility.  We thrive to help our clients get the most out of their homes to provide the greatest experience we can achieve through design.

Using original educational content as a tool we strive to help our clients understand when our services can be most effectively utilized, and how much of an impact good design can make when reimagining space.  Getting the right information to make educated decisions about home remodels, or new construction is critical to the success of a project.

At Maru-Arch we firmly believe that a house is only home once it has had the personal touch of those who live in it.  This may be as small of a gesture as hanging pictures on the wall, or as large of a revision as adding on a second story.  Whatever it may be that a client wants to do to make home their own, we are happy to help in whatever capacity is appropriate for your project and budget.

Ben Greenberg

Registered Architect (IN) – Owner

Ben Greenberg is a Ball State University educated Registered Architect.  With a passion for creating great space, and driven by the desire to bring good architecture to as many people as possible, Ben started Maru-Arch.  With over 6 years of experience in the field of architecture, Ben is equipped with the knowledge, and network to help bring your project from an idea to a tangible solution.

When not working on residential projects, or developing more educational content for the Maru-Arch website, Ben can be found exploring Northeast Indiana behind the body of a Canon camera capturing the inherent beauty of the Midwest.  Occasionally Ben is also known to fabricate his own furniture to truly make his home his own.